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Quick Action at Our Bluefield Offices is a MUST to Protect You and Your Rights! Consider our Certified Physician Assistant on Staff

Criminal Defense and Workers' Compensation Claims

The legal professionals at the Charles A. Stacy Law Office and Personal Injury Center, P.L.L.C. are dedicated to providing every client effective, reliable and affordable legal representation.

We know the Commonwealth and State of West Virginia laws, procedures both formal and informal. After many years of practice, we know most of the players and participants as well. 

Let us represent or protect you when you need a proper criminal defense, you need to file a Virginia workers compensation claim.

Our years of experience providing effective, reliable and affordable legal representation have always guaranteed our clients 100% satisfaction. Our wealth of knowledge in criminal and workers' compensation laws can save you a lifetime of regret!   

Why not promptly call the legal experts for a free consultation?

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Personal injury, wrongful death and labor/workers' compensation laws are complicated! You must move quickly to protect yourself, your assets, your rights, your family, and your right to a fair maximum available recovery. 

Our certified physician assistant can provide the legal team with additional information to fully understand the facts and ramifications of every aspect of your legal case as they apply in Commonwealth and State of West Virginia laws.


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